[ a u d i o a p p z   c o m p o 2   r u l e s ]

[ i n f o r m a t i o n ]

all compo2 tracks are now available for download! go to the downloads page and check em out!

the first round of judging is over! we're now down to six tracks. who will be eliminated, and who will go on the final round? stay tuned! we'll bring you the results live, right after this commercial break, sponsored by mcdonalds! (er.. been watching too much olympics, i think).

here are the judging brackets. the last round is a three-way to make everything fit.

[ r u l e s ]

  • sample pack - you can use as many or as few of the samples as you want, but the majority of sounds in your track should come from the sample pack.

  • external samples - by request, you are allowed two extra samples of your own to add variety.

  • vsti - maximum of two can be used. when song is submitted, a text file containing which vsti's were used must be accompanied. the vsti can be anything from a sampler to a synthesizer. if sampler is used, only samples from sample pack can be used. only one sound can be used per vsti with exception to a sampler which must use the given samples. multiple instances of the same vsti count as two.

  • synthesizers - only one external synthesizer sound may be used in this competition. when i say external synth, this means like a korg triton. If a drum machine is used, then only one sound can be used from it unless you use the samples in the pack. include in a text file what synth was used.

  • samplers - hardware samplers can be used, but only samples from the sample pack can be used on them. include what sampler was used in the text file. people with external samplers have a slight advantage cause it doesn't take up a vsti. them are the breaks i guess.

  • effects - use as many effects as needed. this includes plugins or outboard gear.

  • software - any sequencer, looper, sampler, synth can be used. note: if software used is available as a vsti, then it counts as one vsti used. for example: reaktor. If a sampler is used, only samples from the sample pack can be used. reason, fruity, orion can be used but only if samples in the pack are used. in a text file, tell what software was used. samples can be edited to a degree, but don't try to turn drum loops into synth strings. and remember, honesty is the best policy.

  • real instruments - guitars, drums, violins, ect can be used and definitely encouraged. although it maybe hard to distinguish real instruments from some sound fonts, honesty is the best policy. for fairness, do not use say it's real if it really came from a sound font. also, thanx to foziebear, it was told that a real instrument is in essence sampled after it is recorded. this is true, but at least it's being played by human hands. list all real instruments played in the text file.

[ j u d g e s + j u d g i n g ]

  • there are three judges. they are tk421, gilez, and zeppelin

  • judges cannot participate in the competition.

  • judges cannot be biased in any way about the genre of music.

  • judges are not to here the music till bracket is setup.

  • any judge to be found corrupt will be sent to dave powell's home to give him a rim job.

  • judging: two songs will be paired up against each other randomly before even being listened to by the judges. a vote will be placed

  • by the judge on which one he or she fells is better. a short review will be given why that judge voted for the song. this will continue till there is one winner. how many rounds there are is determined by how many entries we have.

  • judges will judge on how sounds are used, the complexity, ear candy, melody, etc.. they will not judge whether they just hate the genre. see dave powell

[ m i s c ]

  • songs are to be in submitted in mp3 format, maximum encoding at 192k, with the encoder of your choice. ftp site will be posted later to upload to.

  • any questions about the rules should be directed to the ops in #audioappz. do not directly message the ops, ask in the channel, and somebody will message you with clarification. when in doubt ask.

  • these rules were made by zeppelin, and slightly edited by [[chaos]]. if you don't like them, suggest something new for the next competition. we are always open to suggestions. thanx, and have fun!
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