kesson daslef audioplot "aphex twin - kesson daslef" audioplot
cm1 audioplot "chaosmachine - cm1" audioplot

info: images generated with a small program i wrote in c, called "audioplotter". essentially, the program counts up notes and converts them to a grayscale color, based on their frequency, then it plots them on a graph, in order, from top left, to bottom right. i set the depth to 24 and let it process 2 files, aphex twin's kesson daslef, and chaosmachine's cm1. the chaosmachine track produced typical results, but the aphex twin came out very symetrical, and fractal like. it sort of reminds me of a snowflake.. i have processed a lot of songs while making this program, but i never got any results like this before (including the other drukqs tracks!).

here's something you might want to check out..

also check out the devilish face that richard has encoded into windowlicker track 2.

btw, if anyone is interested.. i am planning on releasing the sourcecode for audioplotter soon, but i want to make sure i am not violating any laws first, because i really don't feel like getting slammed like adobe did to that dimitri guy. check back here for more info later.